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Directed by Juan Jesús García Galocha, “Galo”, and based on a story by Jordi Gasull, Mummies is a romantic adventure comedy released on January 2023 by Warner Bros.

To this day, the movie has a worldwide box office of over $50,000,000, and it's also the most widely distributed Spanish feature released by a Hollywood studio.

Buffalo Kids

Inspired by the story by Pedro Solís “Cuerdas”.

The movie script is written by Jordi Gasull and Javier Barreira, and will be directed by Pedro Solís and Juan Jesús García Galocha “Galo”.


Core Animation is an animation studio based in Guadalajara, Spain. Our goal is to create high-end Animated Movies. From concept art to final render, our amazing crew covers all the phases needed to deliver the finished Movie.

Our founders have contributed to the making of several animation hits like Tad The Lost Explorer, Capture the Flag, Tad 2, and Cuerdas, the most-awarded short film ever.

After the success of our first movie, Mummies, we are very excited about creating new movies that matter.


We are always open to new talent, you can send us your reel to contacto@coreanimation.es